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Turf Ball 2023

Our inaugural season of indoor Turf Ball was a huge success. About 30 of our members, both new and old, participated in 1 or more weekly 8-on-8 games at TJO Sports. It was a great opportunity to get out of the house, get in some exercise, and meet up with new and old friends. A big thank you to Scott Puoplo who did an outstanding job organizing and running the weekly sessions! We're all looking forward to future seasons of this new addition to the Codgers calendar.

Winter Turf Ball 2024

Every Tuesday (10:30AM-Noon), Wednesday  (10:30AM-Noon) and Thursday (1-2:30PM) during the winter, we are holding an indoor game of softball for any current or potential members who are interested in playing during the cold winter months. 
The games are held at TJO Sports in Falmouth on their indoor turf field next to the batting cages. There are no dues - the cost is $15 per player per game, payable in cash at each game.
In order to keep the game manageable we are limiting it to 18 players, mostly due to the size of the field.
You must sign up to play (see details on how to signup here). 

April Signup

Click on the link above to sign up. Please only sign up 2 sessions per week until April begins.


The Cape Codgers are excited to offer the opportunity to play indoor “Turf” Ball virtually every Tuesday (10:30AM-Noon), Wednesday  (10:30AM-Noon)  and Thursday (1-2:30PM) this winter from at TJO sports on Depot Ave. in Falmouth, Ma.
We now have a more structured system for fielding teams, with online sign ups and accurate headcounts than we did in years past.
Starting on Thursday January 4, 2024, this is your chance to play softball in the large turf field to stay active with a good game of softball in the Winter in a safe environment, continue to develop your skills, and stay connected with your Codger friends.
Here are the specifics of the game:

  • This will be a twice-weekly pickup game in which players sign up ahead of time to play on the actual day(s).
  • Pick up teams will be formed at the actual game.
  • We will use a Use Franklin OL1000 balls (cork cores) that are weight and size comparable to the Codger 52s, but which behave more like traditional softballs on the turf fields than the rubber balls used in the Gus Canty Rec Center (Franklin 4 Official League Softballs). They are more limited flight balls, are softer and less likely to inflict harm or damage playing indoors and in close quarters. 
  • We will have between 7 on 7 and 10 on 10 games. If we have 12 players, we will run 3 teams of 4. 
  • Catcher position is rotated and may be provided by the batting team depending on the turnout.
  • Live pitching. 
  • Standard Codger Infield and pitching dimensions
  •  Balls that hit the ceiling and drop into the infield are foul balls
  • Balls hitting the ceiling and going into outfield are live fair balls 
  • Balls hitting the screens by walls in fair territory are also live balls 
  • Plate would be situated by the opening to the turf field with the field positioned diagonally from that point, which has proved to be sufficient for fun games in the past. 
  • A pitching screen will be used
  • We will use double innings to maximize efficiency.

How you can sign up to play:

  • We will announce through email and this website a link to a SignUp Genius page which will provide you with all of the dates over the following month that we plan to hold Turf Ball games.  There is a separate signup link for each month that we play. It will be published a week or 2 prior to that month.
  • You can select each date that you can commit to play. Since there will be a limited number of spots each week, we ask that if you commit to play, but must cancel for any reason that you come back to the site to cancel your “reservation.”  If you have any problems canceling your reservation, please let us know so we can open the slot for another player.
  • We respectfully ask that you sign up for a max of 2 sessions per week when the signup for the following month is announced. Once the month begins you may signup for any remaining open slots.
  • Once you submit your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email listing the dates you have committed to  play. 
  • For each slot that you signed up to play, you will receive a confirmation email 2 days prior to that game 
  • As long as we get 12 players, we will play. If we do not have enough players, we will also send a notification canceling the game (by no later than the night before) but still offer BP for those who previously registered to play that day.

Pricing and payment:

  • Scott Puopolo negotiated a great price for the use of the turf field for this time period. As such the cost to play a game for each player is $15.00 
  • There will be an onsite game coordinator (Scott Puopolo, Ray Murphy, and/or friends) who will have the list of players who signed up.

We think that this indoor game approach will be lots of fun and we encourage everyone to sign up.
NOTE: You do NOT have to sign up for a SignUpGenius account to sign up to play.