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We all think the Cape Codgers is a great organization - great for exercise as well as for the camaraderie you experience as part of your team. Don't believe us? See what a few of our "rookies" said about us after joining for the 2023 season.

“New to Falmouth and this group welcomed me so warmly. Really fun to play Co-Ed ball again.  I encourage any ladies on-the-fence to get back in the game with this league. Great camaraderie!”
Janet S.

"Codgers softball is just the right blend of competitiveness and friendship.  There is a sense of community that permeates year-round from summer to fall to indoor winter ball."
Doug B.

"I wholeheartedly endorse the Cape Codgers softball league to anyone seeking not only an opportunity to revive or sharpen their softball skills, but also to build meaningful connections and have a blast while doing so. Joining this league was one of the best decisions I made, and I am confident that others will find it equally rewarding. The well-organized games and supportive atmosphere made each game a highlight of my week. The camaraderie among players and the sense of sportsmanship were evident, contributing significantly to the overall enjoyment of the league."
Paul T.

"I came into the league as a first time player. Any concerns I had at 66 years of age like fitting in, athletic abilities or injuries were laid to rest at the beginning of the season.
My teammates were very welcoming and encouraged me throughout the year! I got off to a slow start hitting and fielding, but gradually improved after each game. From a safety perspective the league has rules designed to protect the players. One example, if you are unable to run the bases on a given day, a teammate can run for you.
I am looking forward to returning this coming year. I really enjoyed the league chemistry win or lose. Go Codgers!"

Ed. S

"My reason for joining was to get back into playing a sport I love! Secondly living on the cape for only two years I figured it was a good way to meet people. Well, I have to say not only did I meet a great group of guys, I thoroughly enjoyed being back on the field."
Bruce E.