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The summer league is our most popular season. It typically runs from mid-May until mid-August. Playoffs then run into early September. There are 2 divisions - D1 and D2.  Both divisions are open to all members, but the age of the D2 players skews younger than that of D1.

2023 Game Photos

Below are some action photos from this season's games. All photos by Mike Camire unless otherwise noted.

Photo by Trish Favulli - Barn Pottery’s John Parilla smashes an RBI single down the right field line - to his right is umpire Michael Camire

Photo by Trish Favulli - Barn Pottery’s Paul Bassick advances to 3B as teammate Scott Puppolo heads to second

Pool player Billy Matta gets ready to Jack the ball to left field, playing for Falmouth Toyota, Billy had some big hits as his team came up just a run short in a wild slug fest with NH Swain Builders, losing 19-18 both teams played great!

NH Swain leadoff hitter Kevin Swain drives a single into center field, Swain defeated Barn Pottery 15-8

Barn Pottery outfielder Billy O’Connor getting ready to attack the ball

Killer swing: Toyota’s Pete Killelea puts the barrel on the ball

The Apple Wipers Big John Marroni smacks one to deep left field

Jeff Barnum rips a nice shot to LF

Photo by Trish P. Favulli: Crabapples Scott Robinson smacks the ball as his teammates look on

Photo by George Brennan - On The Water wears their Hawaiian tribute uniforms in honor of their teammate Wade Hiraga.

Falmouth Toyotas Pitcher Tom “Hutch” Hutchinson gets ready to stomp on home as he scores a run vs NH Swain, Tom pitched a great game and had some key hits as his team lost a wild slug fest with NH Swain, 19-18 - both teams made some great plays and hits

NH Swain player/coach Rick Swain gets ready to hit, Rick had 3 hits, scored 3 runs, had a Sac Fly & 2 RBI in a 15-8 win over Barn Pottery

Young at heart: Billy “The Kid” Wyman drives a base hit into left field, Billy also pitched a great game as NH Swain defeated Neil Painting 17-7 (to Billy’s right are 3B coach Kevin Swain & Gary Kurtz on 3B)

Toyota’s Ray Murphy cracks one down the left line vs NH Swain, Swain pulled out a nail biter winning 18-17 in extra innings

Crabapples Rick Demilia #6 gets ready to take a cut

On the Water’s pitcher Roland Larkin heaves a pitch home during tonight’s game vs NH Swain

Photo by Trish Favulli - Crab Apples Third baseman Andy Hamilton made some great plays at third and had some clutch hits for his team in a recent playoff game vs Barn Pottery

Photo by Trish Favulli - Crab Apples pitcher Rob Blomberg pitched a great game but his team came up one run short as they lost a nail biter to Barn Pottery 11-10 in the first round of the playoffs

(L-R) Coach Rick Swain got a team recognition award from his teammates while second baseman Andy “AC” Cohen got the team rookie of the year award, to his right is assistant coach Kevin Swain

Photo by Trish Favulli - Apple Wipers SS & player/coach Keith Buday gets ready to smash the ball

Neil Paintings Ken Kinsella (far right) fires in a pitch vs NH Swain Builders

NH Swains Mike “M & M” Morton had 3 triples & 4 RBI as they defeated Neil Painting 17-7

Let it float: Toyota’s pitcher Tom “Hutch” Hutchison floats the ball into home on August 1st vs NH Swain

NH Swain outfielder Gary “Switch” Kurtz cracks a base hit in a recent game against Apple Wipers, Swain prevailed by the score of 10-9, both teams played great

NH Swains second baseman Andy “AC” Cohen (# 16) heads to 1B after cracking a 2-run single to give his team a 10-5 lead over On The Water in the 3rd inning, Swain went on to win the game, 17-9 (to his right is 1B Mike White, who had 4 hits including a base

Photo by Trish P. Favulli: Swing and a drive: Barn Pottery’s Scotty Puppolo drives the ball into RF for a base hit

Photo by Trish P. Favulli: Speed Trap - Barn Pottery speedster Mike Ouimet rounds second and races on to third

NH Swain Builders Big Al Rogol drives in a run with an RBI single vs Neil Painting, background (L-R) are Kenny Kinsella, Billy Wyman and 1B coach Gary Kurtz Swain won a close game, 16-10

L-R: Barn Pottery 3B Bruce Netherwood fields a grounder and gets ready to step on third for the final out of the game, his team defeated Neil Painting 14-2, on right is SS Mark Favuli

Members of Neill Painting & Barn Pottery share some Codger friendship after the game

Black out! Neil Panting pitcher Trish Moreno (not pictured) fielded a hot shot grounder up the middle and then fired to 1B Kenny Kinsella to get NH Swain hitter (Nr. 16) Andy Cohen at 1st base - great play!

On the Water’s Mike White gets ready to drive the ball, Mike was filling in as a pool player for Neil Painting

Neil Painting batter gets ready to hit

Photo by Trisha Paliotto Favulli: Billy Ball - Barn Pottery’s Billy O’Connor gets ready to rip into one under the watchful eye of umpire Dennis Cenzali (on his right) Billy’s team defeated Apple Wiper 11-3

Pitching in: Neil Paintings Trish Morano not only came in relief and pitched a great game - she also had 2 hits, here she’s pitching to NH Swain batter Andy Cohen, background to her left is her brother playing SS, Mike

NH Swains Andy Cohen drives the ball to RF in a July 5th game vs Barn Pottery, Swain won 16-6

Barn Pottery’s Paul Bassick drives one to deep left

Barn Pottery 2B Scotty Puppolo steps on second base to get the force out, Barn Pottery won the game 14-2 over Neil Painting

Gary Kurtz gets ready to drive the ball

NH Swain RF Paul Turecamo blasts a 3 run Homer to RF at Nye Park on June 20th vs Crabapple's

On the Water pitcher Roland Larkin tosses in a pitch to NH Swain batter Paul Turecamo

Barn Pottery’s Billy O’Connor hustles into 3B in a game vs John Neill Painting on May 17th

Barn Pottery’s Billy O’Connor hustles into 3B in a game vs John Neill Painting on May 17th

Roland Larkin delivering a pitch for On The Water

Kevin Swain (Swain Builders) gets ready to swing, Kevin scored the winning run in a great game, an 8-6 win over Crabapples on May 16

Pitching in: Hollis fires in a pitch, Mark Favuli at SS, Andy short fielder, Mike O in LF

Neil Paintings pitcher Dennis Cenzali delivers a pitch to NH Swain hitter Mike “M & M” Morton, NH Swain rallied for a thrilling 9-8 win in the last inning on May 23rd