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New Players

Welcome to the Cape Codgers Senior Softball League!

You can add yourself to our email list by clicking on the Sign In link in the upper right-hand corner of this page. Create an account (see how  here) and you will start seeing regular emails soon announcing all of our activities - Spring practice dates, signup information, team assignment, etc...
If you are on the fence about joining, see what some of our new members said about us.


See the Players->Registration page for information on registration for the upcoming season and paying your dues.

how our league operates.

  • We have 2 divisions:
    • DIVISION 1 - The suggested ages for this division are 66 and above. Teams are reconfigured each year in a cooperative effort by the coaches to create parity between teams. However, D1 players may opt into the D2 draft. If you do but you are not drafted, then you will be assigned to a D1 team. D1 did not schedule playoffs in 2021, but may do so in the future.
    • DIVISION 2 - Suggested ages 54-65 (must be 54 by Oct 1). Players remain on the same team from year to year (though may request to re-enter the draft in subsequent years) and players new to a team are chosen by draft. Teams are built with the hope and intention of maximizing winning, including the division championship.
  • Players younger than 66 may opt to play in D1, if they prefer.
  • New players older than 66 may try out for D2. If not selected for a D2 team they will be placed on a D1 team.
  • All players must select their desired division by April 10th.
  • D2 holds a double elimination playoff at the end of the year - all teams qualify for the playoffs.
  • Players who are looking to play more can also become Pool Players. This is a list of players who can be called by a coach to fill-in when his full team cannot be fielded for a particular game (due to vacations, sickness, injuries, etc... of the regular team members).
  • Members who are not ready or able to commit to play for a team may opt to be Pool-Player-Only members.
  • The league schedule runs from May through September (including playoffs). 
  • We will announce dates (typically weeknights) for tryouts for rookies prior to the season for purposes of the draft. We hold "Rookie Camps" for new players on 2 Saturday mornings in April/May (date/times announced on email and website). This allows you to become familiar with some of our rules, play with other new members, and allows coaches to get a look at the new players. Note that these "Rookie Camps" are in addition to the weeknight tryout dates mentioned above.
  • There are weekly scrimmage/BP sessions held at Nye Field in North Falmouth on Wed & Fri mornings during the season. These continue into the fall, weather permitting, and move indoors to TJO Sports for the winter months.
  • In 2021 we added a new Fall Ball league - D1 & D2 players who opted in were assigned to 1 of 4 teams, which were optimized for parity. An 8-10 game season was played from mid-September into early November. This has proven to be very popular and has enhanced camaraderie in the league.

early season activities

  • There are indoor practices at Gus Canty Rec Center Tuesdays, 5-6:30PM starting late Feb/early March (watch for emails for start date).
  • Batting practices are held at TJO Sports in Falmouth, on Saturday mornings prior to the season, typically during the month of April.

2024 New Player Evaluations

All new players must attend at least 1 evaluation session. This includes new players who have signed up to play for a team or as a Pool-Player-Only and returning members who are changing divisions, This process allows the league to improve the competitive balance of all teams.

Division 2 Players
For Division 2 the sessions will take place at Nye field (see the New Players->Fields page for directions) and are scheduled for:

  • Saturday April 20 10AM-12PM
  • Saturday April 20 12PM-2PM
  • Sunday April 28 10AM-12PM

D2 players must sign up here for your preferred time slot.

Division 1 Players
For Division 1 the sessions will take place at the Admin field (see the New Players->Fields page for directions) and are scheduled for:

  • Sunday April 21 10AM-12PM
  • Saturday April 27 10AM-12PM
  • Sunday April 28 10AM-12PM

D1 players must sign up here for your preferred time slot.