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Respect Reminder

By Board of Directors, 07/01/22, 4:00PM EDT


Emphasizing Codgers' Mission

The Cape Codgers' mission is to create a welcoming environment for seniors seeking an opportunity to have some fun, get or stay in better physical shape and create new, lifelong friendships. 

Already during the 2022 Regular Season we have seen several instances in both Divisions 1 and 2 where there has been a lack of respect shown toward umpires, opposing teams and even players on their own teams.  In the Codgers' By Laws, Rules and Code of Conduct we emphasize the need for respect for all Codgers.

We want to reaffirm our Codgers' guiding principles of fun, fellowship and friendship.  Remember that the goal of the Codgers is "friendly competition" with the emphasis on "friendly."

Let's enjoy the remainder of the season, stay healthy and have a great Codgers' experience.

The Codgers Board of Directors