Cape Codgers Senior Softball League
Apple Wiper, 2018 Codgers Champions

The 2018 Cape Codgers Senior Softball League Championship / Wild Harbor General Store vs. The Apple Wipers.
Coach Bob Baker's Apple Wipers entered the playoffs with a 6 - 9 record in 6th place, but went undefeated in the first three
playoffs games capturing sole position in the winner's bracket. Meanwhile, Wild Harbor General Store led by Steve Senior, worked its way to the finals after defeating te 2017 Champs Barrett Plumbing & Heating. Both teams played near flawlessly in the playoffs meeting for the league championship September 12th at Falmouth Heights Field, with the Apple Wipers needing just one win for the title. As the visiting team, they stepped out in the first inning with 5 runs. Wild Harbor General Store came back scoring 1 run in the bottom of the first inning and 4 more in the bottom of the second to tie the game. After superb defense by both teams in a scoreless 3rd, the Apple Wipers struck again with 4 runs in the fourth to Wild Harbor's 2. After another scoreless inning, The Apple Wipers plated 4 runs in the top of the sixth, while holding Wild Harbor to 1. It all came down to the seventh inning. The Apple Wipers scored once, finishing with a total of 14. Wild Harbor had the last ups, trailing by 6 runs. In an exciting play, The Apple Wipers threw out a runner at home for the first out. Wild Harbor came back with another run before making their second out. With a man on first and two outs, the next batter grounded to third for a force out at second base capping the victory for The Apple Wipers. The final score was 14-9 Apple Wipers in an excellent championship game played by both teams.

Codgers Fall Ball Proving to be a Huge Success
The Boys of Summer become the Boys of Indian Summer. Once again we on those beautiful Cape Autumn afternoons at Nye Field for the simple joy of playing the game! Fall ball proved it’s continuing success in 2017 thanks to Organizers Al Moniz and Al Jacobs. The 'Red and Blue' Codgers play all the way until Thanksgiving! For more information contact Al Moniz at:

Codgers 2015 Video For a recap of the 2015 season, including photos of all the teams and exciting highlights from the games, click on the graphic below to watch our entertaining 7 minute video!

If you Love the Game
but are unable play for what ever reason, there are volunteer also opportunities available. We need umpires, scorekeepers and other positions where you will be able to actively participate with the during game days. You’ll be trained in both roles and best of all, you’ll make new friends and be part of the growing Codger Community. For more information about becoming a score keeper or umpire please contact Chas Crawford of West Falmouth, a former college coach and athletic director, who is an active player in both the Cape Cod Senior Softball League (CCSSL) and the Falmouth 'Codgers' Senior Softball League (FCSSL). He can be reached at: 781-492-5934 or email him at
Additional information is also available by contacting: Charlie 'Chip' Mansfield, Commissioner FCSSL, at 508-564-6616 or email

Codger Players and Champions Team Honor Dick Sullivan

There were nearly as many knee braces as baseball gloves at the Falmouth Heights Field one Saturday morning in the first East Vs. West Challenge between the Cape Codgers and the Backoffice Associates. The showdown was one of two matchups in town, as Falmouth’s 65-over team took on the 75-over squad from Backoffice Associates in the Heights, while the Codgers’ 60-plus team played the 70-plus team at the WHOI Fields in Woods Hole.

That the Backoffice Associates teams won both contests was not a big surprise, nor was it the defining outcome of the day. The visitors have twice won the Senior Softball national championship. The Woods hole game was very competitive and BA won by a 9-6 score. In the Heights, it was a bit more lopsided, with the victors winning by a 20-7 score. Chaz Crawford of West Falmouth represented both teams. He played for the Backoffice Associates team of 70-plus players down at WHOI and after helping that team post a win against his friends,he suited up for the Codgers, getting a late at-bat for his hometown team. Chas was also one of the event’s organizers.

The scores were irrelevant in the big picture, though. Codgers’ President Chip Mansfield had assembled the teams to celebrate the sport, and one of the Cape’s iconic people in the game, Dick Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan donned a Codgers cap during a post game ceremony and thanked the assembly, of nearly 100 players and spectators, for the outpouring of gratitude and support.

“Without his help, we wouldn’t be here today,” Mansfield said. “He helped us get our program off the ground and supported us every step of the way.” Falmouth’s Cape Codgers group has exploded in popularity over the past few years. The club began playing ball just six years ago, and over that time has gone from a group that was able to field two teams to having over 100 players and six teams. The Codgers have also supported the Falmouth Youth Baseball league, as well as done several fundraisers for charity, including the March of Dimes.

Codgers and the Community

The Cape Codgers give back to the community. The following are some of the community oriented activities we are involved in...
  • Ongoing sponsorships of a Falmouth Little League teams
  • Annual contributions to the Falmouth Service Center
  • Annual volunteers in the Annual March of Dimes Telethon at CCCC run by Dick Sullivan
  • Contributor to the Falmouth Clean Up Committee 


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